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At Terra Gold Farms, growing quality potatoes is the result of generations of farming experience. With thousands of modern circle irrigated acres, we can easily grow all bulk commercial processor, fresh pack russet varieties, and specialty potatoes. Whether it’s direct delivery or storage potatoes, Terra Gold Farms ensures quality.



We grow a wide variety of onions at Terra Gold Farms. We specialize in growing Yellow, Red and White onions in some of the best soil in the world right here in the Columbia Basin.




Grass Seed:

Terra Gold Farms grows elite proprietary bluegrass and fescue seed varieties for some of the major international companies who package, market and sell to specialty, wholesale and retail customers.



Rotation Crops:

Good farming practices require rotational crops, including:

Forage crops such as alfalfa and timothy hay. Sweet corn for human consumption and field corn to be generally used as a forage crop, ethanol production or grain feed. Various wheat and other grains



Corn Silage:

Corn silage is a popular forage for ruminant animals because it is high in energy and digestibility and is easily adapted to mechanization from the stand-crop to time of feeding.




Dry Edible and Seed beans:

We also grow a wide variety of beans for several international customers whom either resell or process the beans into finished products for major QSR and grocery outlets.

Terra Gold Farms – farming the earth’s rich soil. AJ Ochoa has been a farmer all his life – he was “born in the dirt”. Even as a small child, he played with his toy tractors in the garden, which he sectioned off for his different crops.


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