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Gap Safety

Terra Gold Farms is very active in the USDA GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) program and takes it very seriously. We have successfully passed the USDA GAP audit each year with a score of 100% since the industry began mandating grower participation. We have also been chosen to undergo a Sysco audit and passed with great success.


We strive to keep our employees safe and healthy and to provide them the tools needed to be the best in our industry. Terra Gold Farm’s employees receive extensive training in health and safety procedures to ensure our employees and our customer’s safety. These procedures extend to third party contractors, such as transportation and harvest crews, who also receive the same extensive training as our employees. Personal protective equipment is provided to the employees, who are all informed as to the line of communication and responsibility should an issue arise.


Safety begins before the crop is even planted. Careful consideration is given to location of leased fields and ruling out those fields where sources of possible contamination exist. Notations are recorded in the individual field files when wildlife is spotted in the field. Domestic animals are not allowed in the fields during the growing and harvesting season.


Controls are in place to minimize contamination of agricultural waters from other farm or animal operations. Well water is tested for harmful microorganisms twice a year and surface water is tested three times during the growing season.


Harvesting and transloading equipment is thoroughly cleaned and washed before use. During harvest the equipment is kept as clean as is practicable and maintained to prevent product contamination from leaking oil, grease, loose parts and any other source of foreign material. Procedures are in place should any product be contaminated, including disposal, burial or containment.

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