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"A bond between the Family and the Earth"

About our Company

We are a fourth, and soon to be fifth, generation family farm located in Othello, Washington. An experienced management team and dedicated staff, led by owners AJ and Jodi Ochoa, work hard each day to provide Terra Gold Farms customers with fresh products of the highest quality.


An ideal growing climate and mineral-rich soil make the Columbia Basin of Eastern Washington State perfect for farming. Our products are sold to processors and fresh packers around the globe. When you do business with Terra Gold Farms, you are working with an experienced, family-owned company that believes integrity is what makes our business solid.


Terra Gold Farms believes that integrity is what makes our business solid, which is exemplified by character in our actions.  The relationships that we develop are built on respect, which in turn builds a bond of trust.  Honesty is our policy in everything we do. Above all, we understand that doing business with our customers is not a right, but a privilege, and we endeavor at every opportunity to show our customers how much we care about them and the products we produce on their behalf.

Mission Statement:

Terra Gold Farms’ mission is to be the best supplier of quality products in the agricultural industry.  We will execute leadership within our business and our communities.  We will aggressively continue to be a streamlined “growth company” and will use all efficiencies of each supply chain to be profitable for all.  We will keep focused on our goals and continue to change them as needed.

"Using Technology for Accountability Every Day."

Ideal combinations of sun, water and mineral-rich alluvial soil make Othello and the Columbia Basin region perfect for potato farming, with long warm days and cool nights offering a longer growing season than any other area.

Our Products

Grass Seed
Corn  Silage
Rotational Crops
Dry Edible &
Seed Beans

Our Location

850 N. Broadway Avenue
Othello, WA 99344

Phone:  509.488.2227
Fax: 509.488.2533
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